Commitment & Values


Commitment & Values

Gospel (Kingdom Message)

The message of the good news of the kingdom of God that renovates the human heart and reforms society. The gospel changes everything. Only the gospel can heal and bring real change to our identity, community, city, and culture. The gospel is God’s way of making things the way they are supposed to be for His ultimate glory and our enjoyment. Thus, we commit to know the gospel and live out of the gospel.

Disciples (Kingdom Men: Living out of the Gospel)

The men and women who are committed to being a disciple of Christ. Every believer is in the process of being transformed to become more like Christ. Although the discipleship process is different for every believer in terms of method and experience, the marks and identity of a disciple remain the same. Thus, we commit to know Christ and live in obedience to Him as our master.

Mission (Kingdom Movement: Living for the Gospel)

The movement of God’s kingdom here on earth. God has an agenda and is establishing His kingdom here on earth as it already is in heaven. God has included His people, the universal and invisible church, in what He is doing. God is carrying out His comprehensive plan for all people and will complete what He has started. Thus, we commit to know God’s will and live as representatives of God’s kingdom in every context.

God’s Love & Glory (Kingdom Manifestation)

God will establish His Kingdom on earth and desires to make Himself known to all people. God is love and the Almighty King of glory. As the Son of God walked the earth, He lived to glorify His Father and demonstrate unconditional love. Jesus prayed that His disciples and all believers would be united in His love displaying His Glory. Thus, we commit to demonstrate God’s love and giving God all the Glory due His Name.

Faith (Kingdom Response)

Faith is required to enter God’s Kingdom and be citizens of heaven. The kingdom of God is both a present reality and future hope. Therefore, the kingdom of God is not fully comprehensible and mysterious to man. So without faith it is impossible please God and to know the unseen realities of God’s kingdom. Thus we commit to receiving the gospel through faith in Christ alone and living by faith as kingdom disciples.

Follow – (Kingdom Response)

Following is required to experience God’s kingdom. Jesus’ first coming inaugurated the kingdom of God on earth. The kingdom of God was at the center of Jesus’ preaching & teaching. Jesus revealed mysteries of God’s kingdom to His disciples. Thus we commit to wholeheartedly follow Christ as disciples and go wherever He sends us as kingdom missionaries.

Fruit (Kingdom Result)

The kingdom of God is already here on earth, but not yet fully consummated. Jesus’ second coming will bring God’s complete and glorious reign on earth forever. Until Christ comes again or takes us home, we desire to see the gospel bear fruit in the nations showing evidence of His Kingdom everywhere. Thus we commit to proclaim the gospel and expectantly wait upon the Holy Spirit to bring kingdom fruit in our mission context.