Vision & Mission


Vision & Mission

To impact all nations through establishing a church of families committed to training lifelong disciple-makers who are unashamed of the gospel and live by faith in the finished work of Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20; Romans 1:16-17)   

Meaning of Kaleo

This is a Greek word rendered as “to call or called.” It is also the root word for “church” in Greek.  The word for church is “ecclesia” and derived from the word “ekkaleo” meaning called out ones.  The church are those God has called out to be His and to do His work.  We strive to be a gospel centered community that (1) knows the CALL of God and respond by (2) CALLING out to God as worshippers and (3) CALLING out to the lost as witnesses.  

Mission of Kaleo

Our mission is to demonstrate God's love and commission every child, head, and family to make kingdom minded disciples. 

We exist to ignite a movement of people who are transformed through truly knowing the call of the gospel and striving effortlessly to fulfill the call of making disciples of all nations. We desire to train mission teams who will take the gospel and discipleship into their own family, community (church, campus, city) and eventually other countries.