New Here?


New Here?

Welcome to Kaleo Mission Church

We invite you to get to know Kaleo Mission Church. We are in the process of starting a new church in "Little Saigon," the business district in Orange County California  comprising of Westminster, Garden Grove, and Fountain Valley. Visit our Sunday service to encounter God with family or come into any room (Outer, Inner, Upper) to experience God on a personal level.  

What to Expect

Love. We gather together to love God and love each other. Expect to experience God through loving in action and truth. In regard to truth, we center our time on the teaching and preaching of the word of God. We love God through obeying His commands and teaching what He says (John 14:21; 21:15-17). In regard to action, we rely on the Holy Spirit and each other to demonstrate God's love.  Through meeting we spur one another on towards loving deeds (Hebrews 10:24-25). 

Family. We gather together because we are family and to bless families. God is a family in heaven (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit). Expect to be treated like family. Expect to have older men that will become like a father, uncle, or older brother figure. Expect to have older women become like a mother, auntie, or older sister figure. Expect to bless a younger man like you would a son, nephew, or younger brother. Expect to bless a younger women like you would a daughter, niece, or younger sister.  Although we come from diverse backgrounds and stages in live, we love and respect each other as family. As for those who come from broken families, we will work together to see God restore your family. 

Kingdom of God. We gather because we are in God's kingdom and to see more of God's kingdom. The dominant topic of Jesus' teaching concerned the Kingdom of God. God's authority has no bounds and His rule invades every aspect of our lives. Since God governs all people, expect to see more of what God is doing in your life, work, and relationships. Since God governs all nations, expect to see more what God is doing in other families from around the world.